The organization's first awards ceremony was an informal one, it was held in 1944 at 20th Century Fox. For more information on the history of the Golden Globes, read on.

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History of the Golden Globe Awards

In 1943 a group of Los Angeles based overseas journalists banded together that shared information, contacts and material, led by the correspondent for Britain’s Daily Mail. They formed the “Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association” with a motto “Unity Without Discrimination of Religion or Race.” Although it had a humble beginning, it soon expanded with its growing membership and picked the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel as its rendezvous point. The group, who were respected members of the world press felt obliged to give their feedback on distinguished achievements among Hollywood’s productions. The organization’s first awards ceremony was an informal one, it was held in 1944 at 20th Century Fox. Jennifer Jones was awarded Best Actress for “The Song of Bernadette,” which also won for Best Film. Paul Lukas took home Best Actor laurels for “Watch on the Rhine.” At the first function there were no shiny golden globes wrapped in film strips. Scrolls were given out in place of the modern day awards.

The following year Marina Cisternas, president of the group conceived the idea of having a golden globe encircled with a strip of motion picture film, and mounted on a pedestal for the award and it stuck. In 1945 the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association held their first Golden Globes presentation complete with a formal banquet at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Ingrid Bergman won Best Actress for her role in “The Bells of St. Mary” and Alexander Knox took home Best Actor for his role in “President Wilson”. “Going My Way” won Best Picture. 1950 saw the organization split up owing to difference of opinions among the group members into The Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association and the Foreign Press Association of Hollywood. In 1955 both groups resolved their issues and got back together under the title “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association” with firm guidelines and requirements for membership.

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