Know all about Academy Film Archive, more popularly known as Oscar Archive.

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Oscar Archive

An archive is referred to either a collection of historical records or the location in which these records are kept. Academy Film Archive is part of Academy Foundation, the edifying and literary section of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It is located in Hollywood, California, at the Academy's Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study.The Academy proclaimed its plan to collect motion pictures upon its establishment, in 1927, and two year later, in 1929, it has made its first film acquisition. The activities of the Academy Film Archive include collection, preservation, documentation and exhibition of films as well as providing research access to the same. Presently, the Archive of the Motion Picture Industry includes over 100,000 items, covering some 60,000 individual titles.
Academy Film Archive
Academy Film Archive includes the following historical collections:
  • Film and video documentation of history of the Academy awards and its foundation, along with the public programs, lectures, symposia and presentations
  • The film, kinescope and videotape of Academy Awards ceremonies since 1949, along with additional news material and special coverage of the awards show
  • A record of the Academy Award nominated films in all categories, including documentaries, shorts and foreign films
  • Films and film programs associated with the Student Academy Awards
  • Collections of the ongoing film festival, including the Latino International Film Festival and the PXL This! Pixelvision Film Festival.
  • The section of the Documentary film holdings has a collection of the International Documentary Association, with which the Academy has a close connection. In addition, there are approximately 800 documentaries produced and distributed by the National Council on American-Soviet Friendship; and World War II-era propaganda and informational films.
  • Because of Academy's early alliance with the Library of Congress, there is a collection of early cinema, including the Lumière, Méliès and Blackhawk Collections, and the Paper Print Collection.
  • A rich collection of visual effects and technical achievements, achieved through submissions for the Academy Awards process. It has acquired a substantial collection of visual effects reels, makeup and sound test reels, and film and video documentation of the Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards.

A collection of the home movies and amateur films, mainly those related to the history of Hollywood, the motion picture industry, and about the history of the Los Angeles province

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