Red Carpet is the most sophisticated way to welcome the guests in Oscar Award ceremony. Know more on 'Red Carpet for Academy Awards'.

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Oscar Red Carpet

All the prominent personalities of Hollywood as well as the outside world are invited to witness the grand event of 'Oscars'. The Academy makes sure that there is no compromise as far as the welcome of the honored guests is concerned. The Red Carpet has a long and significant association with the Academy Awards ceremony. It is considered to be the most sophisticated way to welcome the celebrities at the formal event of Oscar Award. The Red Carpet is rolled out to give a touch of special treatment to the welcome of the guests invited for the award function.
The entire concert of Red Carpet has been adopted from the literature. Its source is considered to be the play 'Agamemnon', written by Aeschylus in 458 BC. In the play, it is mentioned by the writer that when Agamemnon (title character) returns from Troy, he is acknowledged by his resentful wife Clytemnestra in a unique way. She rolls out a red carpet and offers him a red path to walk upon, as a mark of honor. With time, the notion of hospitality came to be attached to the Red Carpet. Today, it has become pertinent as a special effort made to feel the guests welcome.
The Red Carpet gained more popularity after its association with the Academy Awards. However, this concept of luxurious hospitality was applied for the first time as far back as the year 1902. At that time, the New York Central Railroad used luxurious, crimson carpets to direct people as they boarded the 20th Century Limited passenger train. This is supposed to be the first use of the "Red Carpet Treatment" as a part of a welcome ceremony. In the recent times, United Airlines maneuvers a chain of VIP Lounges at major airports, known as "Red Carpet Clubs".

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