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Best Hawaiian Music Album

The Recording Academy added the category Best Hawaiian Music Album to the folk music categories in 2005. Hawaiian music is famous for slack key guitars, these are guitars that are not tuned to the standard guitar tuning, and instead the keys are slackened till the six strings form a major chord, namely the G chord. Slack Key Guitars have been played only on acoustic guitars and Hawaii has been known to have kept the slack key guitar style a secret for a long time, and it was developed mainly by the islanders themselves. Daniel Ho has won the award every year since 2006.

 Winners: Grammys Best Hawaiian Music Album

 Daniel Ho, George Kahumoku Jr, Paul Konwiser & Wayne Wong (producers). Daniel Ho, Peter DeAquino & Sterling Seaton (engineers/mixers)
 Masters Of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Volume 2.
 Daniel Ho & Tia Carrere. Daniel Ho (engineer). Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman & Daniel Ho (producers)
 Daniel Ho, George Kahumoku, Jr., Paul Konwiser & Wayne Wong, (producers)
 Treasures Of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar
 Daniel Ho, George Kahumoku, Jr., Paul Konwiser & Wayne Wong (producers)
 Legends Of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar: Live From Maui
 Daniel Ho, Paul Konwiser & Wayne Wong, producers
 Masters Of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar: Vol. 1
 Charles Michael Brotman, Producer
 Slack Key Guitar Volume 2, Palm Records

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