Raj Kapoor was a man who largely influenced millions of viewers with his magical movies for a number of decades. His acting touched the hearts of millions of people across the country. He was a common man for his associates, but was a great master at his work. His film creations always carried a significant message. The common man was his point of focus in most of his films.

Raj Kapoor was a great actor, director, producer and also an editor with an excellent sense of music. ‘Aag’ his first film was directed and produced by him. The film was all about the lives of theatre artists. He directed and produced the film ‘Barasat’ in 1950. The film revolved around a theme of platonic love and sexual desires and was a hit at the box office and allowed Raj Kapoor to purchase RK Studios.  The film ‘Shree 420’ is all about conflicts between good and bad in a society. ‘Boot Polish’ another of Raj Kapoor’s films is themed on child labor and their fight to live an honest life. As a result of these wonderful film creations, Raj Kapoor was declared the greatest show man of all times.