Filmfare Awards function has a keenness that is not just appealing, but contagious as well; an enthusiastic spirit that spreads through all those who are associated with it. The Awards ceremony is an event organized in Bollywood on an annual basis. It is the most awaited event of the year, which charms the audience, present in person as well as watching it on screen, with all its pomp and show. Filmfare Awards, also known as 'Indian Oscars', is considered to be the highest platform that acknowledges all the efforts that go into making a successful movie.

Filmfare Awards were started in 1953, by the Filmfare magazine, to honor the talented people of Bollywood and endow its support and encouragement to the various members of the industry. On the night of the awards ceremony, all the stars, from the galaxy of Hindi Film Industry, get together to cheer for the winners of Filmfare awards, in various categories. There is a mood of celebration seen in both the hosts and the guests. Filmfare Awards have, today, become an inseparable part of the Bollywood.

Filmfare Awards, today, comprise of more than 31 awards, given under four separate categories - Popular Awards, Critics Awards, Special Awards and Technical Awards. Amongst all these categories, the winners under 'Popular Awards' are chosen on the basis of the public voting. Filmfare Awards narrate the story of the stars born in Indian cinema - the ones we have grown with and the ones who have grown with us, from the time of their adolescent to maturity. They continue to inspire the new members of Hindi Film Industry to move ahead and prove themselves.
Filmfare Awards