The Grammy’s, also known as the Gramaphone Awards, were first established in the year 1958. Since then they have consistently served their purpose of honoring the achievements of the people dedicated to the art of making music irrespective of genre. The awards and the ceremony are an annual event and are presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in the United States of America.

Even though the awards were established way back in 1958, it was not till 1971 that the Grammy ceremony was telecast live for the first time. The actual trophy that is presented to the winners is also a work of art as each one is hand crafted and produced by Billings Artworks in Colorado. Since each trophy is engraved with the name of the artists the actual trophies are not presented till after the awards. During the ceremony prop trophies are presented to the winners prior to them receiving the actual one.

The selection of the winners also is an interesting process. All artists send in their entries to National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences where they are subjected to screening by about 150 experts from the industry who decide if the entry is to be accepted as a valid nominee or not. Once the final list is ready a ballot is carried out and the winners are selected for each individual category.
Grammy Awards