Hollywood is made up of immensely talented individuals and Oscar ceremony is the platform where their talents get the apt recognition. Academy Awards, initiated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, recognize the skills of artists and honor them. The movies we watch are the collective efforts of numerous people, put together. Therefore, the award ceremony has a variety of categories incorporated in it, to honor people involved in different aspects of filmmaking. In the course of time, the categories in Oscar have gone through many changes, with new one being introduced and old ones being removed.

'Oscar for Engineering Effects' was amongst the first categories for honoring the technicians in Hollywood. The other categories, like Sound Recording, began two years later. In due course, several other awards developed to identify the behind-the-scenes efforts of film people, essential to make a movie a hit. 'Academy Awards for Best Engineering Effects' was given for the first and last time in the first awards ceremony, held in 1929. The movie 'Wings', directed by William A. Wellman, was the winner in this category.

'Wings' is a silent movie, based on the life of the World War I fighter pilots. It was also the first film to win the 'Academy Award for Best Picture'. There are some more interesting facts associated with this movie. 'Wings' is the only silent film ever to win 'Academy Award for Best Picture'. The movie stars Clara Bow, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers and Richard Arlen, with Gary Cooper in a scene which helped launch his stardom in Hollywood and also marked the beginning of his affair with Clara Bow.