In the present times, hardly anyone is unaware of the mega event called Oscar Awards ceremony. Every year, the Oscar awards, with its glamorous and glitzy appearance, plays host to the people associated with Hollywood. Academy Award ceremony has numerous categories of awards, meant to acknowledge the various set of people involved in the making of a movie. Since its origin, the awards have undergone many changes. The major changes have taken place in the category of awards that are presented every year, for the excellence achieved in filmmaking.

Oscar has undergone a continuous process of refinement and improvement. While many new categories of awards were introduced, there are certain categories that have been either removed or replaced and given a new outlook. These categories are now known as 'Retired Categories'. The Academy has continued to scrutinize award categories, since the inception of the ceremony, dropping the ones that seemed to be of less importance. The result was that these awards were given for a very short tenure, sometimes only once. Let us get some more information on 'Retired Category Academy Awards'.
Oscar for Best Assistant Director was a short-term inclusion in the award category. Know more on this retired Academy Award category.
'Oscar for Best Dance Direction' is one of the retired award categories Check out the winners of 'Academy Award for Best Dance Direction'.
'Wings' is the only movie to be awarded with 'Oscar for Best Engineering Effects'. Explore more on 'Academy Award for Best Engineering Effects'.
Oscar Award for Best Original Musical or Comedy Score - Academy Award for Best Original Musical or Comedy Score
'Oscar for Best Score - Adaptation or Treatment' was presented by the Academy for six years only. Read to know more on this Academy Award.
'Oscar for Best Short Film - Color' was given only for two consecutive years. Read to know more on Academy Award for this retired category.
Best Short Film - Live Action - 2 Reels was a short-term inclusion in Oscars. Go through the list of winners for this Academy Award.
Know about the first and last winner of Oscar (Academy Award), in the category of 'Best Title Writing'.
'Oscar for Best Unique and Artistic Quality of Production' has interesting facts associated with it. Read to know more on this Academy Award.
Know about the films that have won in the retired category of Oscar (Academy Award) for Short Film - Novelty.