'Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award' is given to "creative producers, whose bodies of work reflect a consistently high quality of motion picture production." This Academy Award is given, as a part of the 'Special Categories' segment. This award is named after one of the prominent personalities of the Motion Picture Industry - Irving G. Thalberg. He was the legendary head of the Production Division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as well as the person responsible for company’s development, in matters of standing for classy films. For the winners in this category, the award is in the form of a bust of Thalberg, somewhat different from the familiar "Oscar" statuette, which is generally awarded to the Academy Award winners. In the following list, we have provided a list of the people who have been awarded the 'Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award'.

Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award

2001 Dino De Laurentiis
2000 Warren Beatty
1999 Norman Jewison
1997 Saul Zaentz
1995 Clint Eastwood
1992 George Lucas
1991 David Brown and Richard D. Zanuck
1988 Billy Wilder
1986 Steven Spielberg
1982 Albert R. Broccoli
1980 Ray Stark
1978 Walter Mirisch
1977 Pandro S. Berman
1976 Mervyn LeRoy
1974 Lawrence Weingarten
1971 Ingmar Bergman
1968 Alfred Hitchcock
1967 Robert Wise
1966 William Wyler
1964 Sam Spiegel
1962 Stanley Kramer
1959 Jack L. Warner
1957 Buddy Adler
1949 Jerry Wald
1951 Darryl F. Zanuck
1952 Arthur Freed
1953 Cecil B. DeMille
1954 George Stevens
1947 Samuel Goldwyn
1945 Darryl F. Zanuck
1944 Hal B. Wallis
1943 Sidney Franklin
1942 Walt Disney
1940 David O. Selznick
1939 Hal B. Wallis
1938 Darryl F. Zanuck