As the name suggests, Filmfare Critics Awards are meant to honour those films, which despite their creative value go unnoticed as the Filmfare Awards focus generally on popular commercial cinema. Critics Awards were a late addition to the popular Filmfare Awards. It was realized by the film fraternity to honor those talents of the Indian cinema whose work may not be a big commercial success but holds great creative value.
The year 1954 saw the rise of the grand Filmfare Awards. Read on for more information about the Filmfare Award for Best Documentary and the winners
Read on to explore the list of actors who have been honored with 'Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor', since 1991.
Let us check out the list of actresses who have been honored with 'Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress', since 1991.
'Filmfare Critics Award for Best Movie' seeks to honor the artistic form of cinema. Read on to explore Filmfare Critics Best Movie Award.